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What to Write About if I’m New to Blogging?

It's difficult to decide what to write about when you are a newbie blogger. One can achieve so much through blogging. Don't get intimidated.
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It’s difficult to decide what to write about when you are a newbie blogger. Nowadays one can achieve so much through blogging. Thinking about those big goals can be intimidating when you are just starting. While it’s true that it’s handy to decide about a few things prior to your start, I think the most important things is that you begin somewhere. Start, learn, practice. All the big decisions can wait.

Are You Ready For New Adventures?

For me, one of the most exciting things in blogging is, that when you begin, you have absolutely no idea where will you end up with it. You write your posts regularly, try to stick to a plan. After a while, your blog begins to live its own life. The smartest thing to do is to allow it. At some point, you just have to let all the plans go. Follow your blog’s steps.

That’s why I tell you that the best way to look at your first blog as a first. Its main goal is that you can learn about blogging. You need to develop a writing and blogging routine. You want to get familiar with the terms, the technical stuff, and social media. Don’t try to figure out everything straight from the beginning. Enjoy this exciting trip ahead of you.

Write an Online Diary!

If you have no idea what to blog about, or on the contrary, if you have various ideas spinning in your head, in both cases, I advise you to start a personal blog.

  • Write about your days.
  • Write about that funny conversation you overheard on the bus going to work.
  • Write about a book you read.
  • Write about a movie you saw .
  • Write about whatever comes to your mind when you look at the blank paper.

Try your voice, explore various writing techniques and socialize with other bloggers. Keeping a diary is a good way to figure out if there’s a particular field of interest you want to blog about in the future. What if there’s no any? It’s completely fine if you don’t want to find any niche. Not everyone has to be a star blogger. Stick to your online diary and enjoy!

What Are You Passionate About?

If keeping a personal blog is not your thing, find a general theme around your blogging ideas. If you don’t have any, answer these questions to find one.

  • Is there a topic I know a lot about?
  • Is there a field I don’t know very well, but I would be willing to discover it?
  • Is there a good cause or something else I am passionate about?
  • Is there a topic I could write about for years because it’s so interesting?

After you’ve thought these things through, certainly you will find your blog theme.

No matter which way you decide to start proceeding with, that 100 Blog Post Ideas I collected will come handy. By the time you make it to the end of the list, you will have a routine. Therefore blogging will have become part of your life.

It's difficult to decide what to write about when you are a newbie blogger. One can achieve so much through blogging. Don't get intimidated.

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