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I’m passionate about connecting people through words.

Rovaniemi based
Content Writer | Blogger | Journalist


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Blog Posts

Is blogging a necessary evil for you? Well, I love it. I was writing my first blog during those times, when people could finish a four course meal without taking a photo of it to share on any social media platforms. Blogging is my thing. I always have plenty of them. I can blog on your blog, too.

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Articles and Interviews

Do you need interesting and compelling content for your website? Clear and entertaining feature articles? Mini-interviews? I can write that for you.
Do you have stories to tell but you don’t know how to? I’m here to tell your story. I have the right words for that.

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Social Media Coaching

‘If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen.’ We often say this as a joke but the things is, if your business is not online, it doesn’t exist. I can teach you not just the basics of blogging but also how to make the most out of that blog by using social media platforms to drive traffic to your website.


Freelance Content Writer and Blog Writer Franciska Donászi

I Do Magic With Words

I’m Franciska Donászi, a freelance content writer, blogger and journalist. I was born and lived in Hungary. After a wonderful Finnish man cast a spell on me in Budapest, we decided to settle down in Finland. For many years now, we’ve lived in Rovaniemi, Lapland. Our two sons were born here, and we’ve never had a dull moment ever since.

I started to write short stories and news articles during my teenage years. Later on, I also fell into blog writing. I founded and edited the first newspaper at my high school when I was only 16 years old. I was also awarded The Student Journalist of The Year prize twice. After graduating from college, I worked as a journalist and online editor for over ten years.
Creating content that boosts your online ranking and serves the goals of your marketing strategy comes naturally for me. But don’t you need something more than that? Someone who can incorporate creativity and quality into their writing?

I am not only harnessing the power of social media but I also use the magic of storytelling in order to create that kind of content that gets people engaged. I believe in the power of words and I am not afraid of using it.


I have over 15 years of experience as a journalist in printed media and also in the field of online content writing, blog writing and social media management. I have a wide range of interests, I keep on educating myself. I am always ready to learn something new. I also got my feet wet with ebook publishing. I’ve self-published two collections of my short stories and an ebook on blogging (in Hungarian). Learning about book marketing is one of my hobbies.

I am specialized in creative content writing.

My specialities include:

Scroll down to get a sample of what I’ve done recently:

Finnish Language Learning Tips

It’s true, that many Finns speak good English. If you move to Lapland you can get by without learning Finnish, if you really want to. But if you plan to live here permanently, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the language. (House of Lapland, July 2019)

Even a Bureaucrat Can Be Happy

Visit Finland invited people to experience how the Finns live in true harmony with nature through their initiative, Rent a Finn. Let us introduce you one of the happiness guides of the campaign, Esko Lotvonen, Mayor of Rovaniemi, the Official Hometown of Santa Claus. (Visit Rovaniemi, May 2019)

How to Write a Successful Blog?

My ebook on blogging provides information for beginners who want to start blogging. I summarise the principles and the fundamentals of blogging. It has been downloaded a couple of hundreds of times so far and received stunning reviews.
(Franciska Donászi: How to Write a Successful Blog)

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