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Be Prepared!

black binocular on round device
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Every time when the rain approaches, St. George’s Hill appears to be quite close when you stand in front of the shop near the Y-shaped houses in Tapolca. The pleats of its basalt columns show. Perhaps you can even see if there’s someone standing up there. The bare hilltop looks like a bald spot on a man’s head. 

We didn’t feel like doing anything special when we were about to graduate from elementary school. That’s why we decided to go on our last field trip to St. George’s Hill. It didn’t cost much, and we didn’t have to travel too far. That was just as good a place as any other where we could spend our time picking a quarrel about something. That’s what usually happened when we were together. At this time we fought about pancakes.

I couldn’t care less. I don’t like pancakes.

After we had finished eating, everybody calmed down with their tummy full. We wanted to take a look from the hilltop above the basalt columns. Someone had binoculars, we passed them around. When it was my turn, first I was just playing with them. I focused on leafs and I examined birds, who were sitting on the trees. Later on, I turned towards the city’s direction. I found the shop near the Y-shaped houses and the bus stop in front of that. I could see cars in the parking lot and some people standing there. I couldn’t see their faces but I did see their clothes and movements. It was astonishing. You just wait for your bus to come. You will never be aware of that, that someone standing up on St. George’s Hill was peeping on you from several kilometres away.

Since then, I am prepared. Whenever I stand at the bus stop I always take a look at the hill.

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