A Journal of Budapest



The City and the Girl: a Journal of My Adventures in Budapest is an edited version of my blog from the time when I moved to Budapest.




I was head over heels in love with this city and I wanted to write about it because I wanted to show others how, despite all its problems, it was still worthy of love. Three years later I abandoned the blog because I could no longer find good things to say. The bad things I preferred to keep for myself.

The City and the Girl is the time capsule of Budapest as it was a decade ago. The book talks about how impersonal big city life can be and also about poverty and urban ugliness. It also describes the little miracles you can find living in a place like this: all the exciting discoveries and the things that provoke emotions about the city and your life in it. These stories encourage you to open your eyes, to leave your comfort zone and see the true face of the place where you live.


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